img_3597About StreetMule & Marc Mueller

Marc Mueller is a New York City-based multi-instrumentalist: focusing on world percussion, drum set, didgeridoo, found object musical fabrication and sonic collage experimentation. He has been a professional musician, performing for over 30 years.  He is currently performing solo as StreetMule and with the highly acclaimed percussive group Mecca Bodega.  Co-founded with his brother Paul 25 years ago, Mecca Bodega’s unique hypnotic sound has touched audiences nationally and internationally at prominent festivals and venues such as Lincoln Center, Town Hall for Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion, Sydney Australia’s Fringe Fest and Celebrate Brooklyn.  Mecca Bodega has been featured in and composed music for award winning films, soundtracks, tv & radio programs, commercials and dance scores, including NPR’s WNYC New Sounds, Jonathan Demme’s HBO movie Subway Stories, and Merce Cunningham Dance.  As StreetMule, Marc performs at festivals, art openings, and cultural events throughout New York. Prior to StreetMule and Mecca Bodega, Marc was signed to Capitol Records with the alternative rock band Fetchin Bones, where he toured with artists such as REM, The Replacements, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Marc and Mecca Bodega have been heard throughout the subway system as part of the Music Under New York (MUNY) performing arts program for 20 years.  Marc is recognized as a session player in New York City and performs an average of 170 shows yearly.

Marc has been performing solo for the last 5 years, expanding his polyrhythmic craft as StreetMule, promoting his new recording: Talkin’ True Da Tube.  He has gained a tremendous following: The Gothamist credited Marc as “one of the best subway performers of 2013”.  StreetMule harnesses the city’s vibrant energy in a tribal soundscape that features Australian didgeridoo, Peruvian cajon (rhythm box), African shakers and Indian bells with voice effects played all at once!  Additional ethnic hand drumming, ceremonial horns and exotic percussion are added to flavor the transforming world groove atmosphere enhanced by the subway’s configuration and surface materials; beckoning the NYC commuter diaspora to participate in the rooted experience.  This globally oriented ‘earth’ music is driven by American ingenuity as Marc delves into the guts of street corner blues, chain gang hollers, funky hoofer backbeats all resonating in a vibrant timbre.

StreetMule entices an urban environment to re-energize with the pulse of an organic sonic ritual, primitive yet sophisticated and beautifully refreshing in its immediately tangible discovery.  Responding to the explosive live performance, Talkin’ True Da Tube captures the purity of commuter wonder and realizes the past, present and future all at once.  Uplifting and danceable, the music evokes the spirit world, personal and yet greater than our own oneness.  StreetMule has captivated NYC audiences above ground in clubs and at special events such as: Australia‘s ‘A Taste Of Down Under’ International Festival, NYU’s Creative Time Summit, Giants Are Small: Dada Bomb – Zurich Meets NY and street fairs such as Taste Of Times Square Food Festival and the Atlantic Antic.  Many interviews include NBC’s Channel 4 TV and NY1.

An inner-city social experiment…body language and breathe…a halo of celestial moments: Connecting to NOW.  Positive communication.  We are no longer strangers.  This is StreetMule.